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Country Rate c/min
Australia 4.9
China 4.9
France 4.9
Germany 4.9
Laos 9.9
Thailand 7.4
Taiwan 4.9
USA (Domestic) 3.9
Vietnam Saigon 6.6
Vietnam Cell/Tinh 7.9
Vietnam Cell Special 2.5
Interstate Calls : 3.9 c / min

International Calls
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Enjoy low rates without switching long distance Simply dial a 1-800 number.

Domestic Dialing Instructions:
English 1-800-601-6115 + 1 + area code + the number + #
Vietnamese 1-800-705-0775 + 1 + area code + the number + #

International Dialing Instructions:
English 1-800-601-6115 + 011 + country code + the number + #
Vietnamese 1-800-705-0775 + 011 + country code + the number + #

Ez2Call is perfect for customers who want to make international calls on their cell phones or calls from their home phone without having to switch their long distance carrier services. Customers enjoy the following:
  • No need to enter a PIN number
  • No need to switch long distance service provider
  • No monthly fees or minimums, only pay for the minutes used.
  • Customers need to register their phone numbers (cell, home or work) with G2G Telecom

    Tired of dialing a 1-800- numbers? Sign up for our Home2Home Plan!


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